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Top Touch Training is London’s leading private football institution specialising in 1-2-1's, group training sessions, football camps and tournaments for all ages and abilities.


We offer top quality training sessions which meet the individual player's needs. Our current clientele ranges from players at the start of their footballing careers to some of the top elite academy footballers around. Some players come to us with the intention of signing for an academy due to our track record, and some players train with us simply because they love the game - we welcome them all.


In addition to the covering the technical aspect of the game, we also cover the physical, tactical and psychological attributes of the game, which ensures all boys are challenged and educated in all departments. If you're an individual that isn’t as comfortable in a 1-2-1 scenario, we offer 2-2-1, 3-2-1 and even 4-2-1 training sessions where our individuals are challenged in alternative ways, just get in touch.


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